Tuesday, 11 August 2015

stripping and moving the Cattle crush


We spent the day stripping the cattle crush from Croft 2a and rebuilding the cattle crush and pen on Croft 10. Ready for the PCHS blood test tomorrow

Urgent repairs

Gemma and myself spent a few hours doing urgent maintenance, repairing damage to some fences caused by the cattle, which was allowing the lambs to escape!!!!



First day of shearing this year, we got about 2/3 of the flock done!!!! 24th July

Post shearing sort out

after the shearing, Gemma and myself sorted the sheep and did routine feet trimming before moving the flock to new grazing. 6 rams to one field, 51 ewes and lambs to another and the 14 castrates for the freezer remained on croft 2a.

Eric the bull in fine form ready for the visit of the cows.

Me hand milking Ruby in the field with the other cows in close attendance

giving Tinga a back scratch

My Mum saying hello to Tolsta Dougary

Haddingley flock visit

We spent a good couple of hours on Saturday 19/07 viewing some very nice Hebridean Sheep in the Haddingley flock on Nigel Patrick. I treated myself to a couple of four horned rams and a couple of two horned as well just for good measure.

First fresh crop of the year

First fresh crop of the year from the poly tunnel. It may be small but tasted very nice


Tolsta Dougary

Not so Little Tolsta Dougary, best looking bull calf we have bred to date, think I will keep him entire and see how he develops. Will be a Bull for hire/rent next year me thinks (if he grows like his Dad Eric)