Friday, 17 February 2017

Emergency fencing and A RANT by me!!!

A bit of emergency fencing done this morning, Now for a Rant!! as a neighbour (who's fence it is) told me that ONE of my rams was jumping into the croft he uses and was eating his ewes food and I had to repair the fence. Wouldn't mind but it wasn't damage done by me or my stock it was caused by a neighbour on the other side, his Luton van body that he used as a shed blew down the croft in a gale last year!!!! What really got me was that no offer of help or supply of materials was made. My heavily pregnant wife was the only person to help!!!! Rant over (don't do this very often)

Access road finished and extra work carried out!!!

Access road completed and a wee bit extra work done, a new access and turning circle on our apportionment. We now have all weather access to all our grazings!!!! Took the pick up right down to the bottom of the croft ,first time in 13 years a motor vehicle has been able to get down here because of the wet areas and fear of getting stuck!!. Bet you can't guess what happened on the way back up!!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Road nearly finished

Access road nearly finished today, they only have about 15m left to do. Its looking well, we had a quick drive down it tonight and it will do fine. Can't believe there was a 5ft drop off into a bog/ old ditch, so much easier to get down the croft.

Male sheep fluke drenched

Got the male sheep fluke drenched saturday with help penning from Straid Robbie and a keen onlooker in Jill on her first outing with the sheep.

productive hour well spent

Spent an hour on Saturday afternoon fitting the catches on to our new cage door for the canopy!!! The dogs travel much better in it now.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

First sheep gather with our dog Straid Robbie

Had my first proper one man and his dog moment yesturday as me and Robbie went to gather the shearling rams for their fluke drench. It was some rather rough grazing and some seriously steep hills but the dog did good. I even managed to get him to hold them to the fence while I removed some barbed wire out of one of the rams fleece!!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

more roadworks

More work done on the new road, about half way now but the muddiest part still to do!!!