Saturday, 28 February 2015

The first Three days work on the Barn

All the machines arrive

More machines and the relocated barn pieces

Laid out and concreted the foundation bolts

the hold up Concrete and bolts under water

How they should look

Set and dry  ready for the metal work!!!
At last we had three days work on the barn build this week

Monday arrived with the machines

Tuesday laid out and dug the foundations

Wednesday concreted the foundation bolts and laid the subfloor.

Thursday + Friday  no work as concrete didn't set as it was submerged in water due to the amount of rain. Here's hoping for a better week next week!!!!!

Building the holding pen ready for catching the calving cows

Gemma (my fiancée) and me Moving cattle hurdles

We are being watched by the cows

Putting the gate into the pen

Me and Dad off for another hurdle

Unimpressed watchers
The cows on the apportionment belonging to Mr A Bain ready for their final move into the calving sheds

Moving the cows from Croft1 Glen Tolsta to Apportionment out the back of North Tolsta

The Boy Shaun and me penning the cows

Eric the bull non impressed

Tinga off into the trailer

Hyacinth awaiting the arrival into the pen of the 2 year old heifer Poppy

Unloading Eric and Tinga

The last two to move

Me loading Hyacinth and Poppy

Unloading the last of the cows - Hyacinth and Poppy

Off they go onto their new home

All settled and grazing. Job well done!!!!!

Please find me a nest box!!!!

Blue Scots dumpy hen making a nest in the Guinea pig cage, Ted the Guinea pig was not impressed with his new room mate!!!!!!!!!!

Moving the cows to new grazing

Grazing on croft 2 Glen Tolsta

Moving them on to croft 1 Glen Tolsta


Follow the leader up to the holding pen ready for their move.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Pickled Red Cabbage

The fresh picked Red cabbage

Chopping ready for the bottling
Here at Croft 2a we are all about making the most of all the crops we grow, so with that in mind we pickled some red cabbage. We heated the vinegar with the pickling spices, then let it cool and infuse the spice for 4 hours, chopped  the cabbage and filled the jars right to the top with the spiced vinegar and sealed. Lastly we had to leave for 3 to 4 weeks to mature then enjoy.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Releasing the tractor from its muddy home!!!

surveying the scene after getting the tractor stuck feeding the cows on Tuesday morning

Starting it up and digging out the tow bar

Freeing the top link

Freeing the back wheels

Now freeing the front wheels

Surveying the damage

Checking the broken steering rack

Out she comes


Patching up the steering rack to drive her home!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

A job for Spring/Summer that would be peat cutting. Any volunteers?

The peat face,ready for cutting
Me showing how its done with a tairsgear

The cut peat drying

The view of where Croft 2A resides, taken from the peat cuttings

Panoramic view of North Tolsta taken from the peat cutting

A view of the street where Croft 2a resides, taken from the peat cuttings

A close up of Croft 2a

Homemade Scotch Pies

Cutting the pastry

Filling the pies

fresh out of the oven

Branded, wrapped and ready for the freezer
I had a go at making some Scotch Pies, Using hot lard pastry, home reared  Hebridean mutton and a secret mix of spices. Very nice they are to even if I say so myself. At Croft 2a we are thinking of starting to sell our home reared meat and home made baking (including these pies). What do you think??