Saturday, 7 February 2015

Homemade Scotch Pies

Cutting the pastry

Filling the pies

fresh out of the oven

Branded, wrapped and ready for the freezer
I had a go at making some Scotch Pies, Using hot lard pastry, home reared  Hebridean mutton and a secret mix of spices. Very nice they are to even if I say so myself. At Croft 2a we are thinking of starting to sell our home reared meat and home made baking (including these pies). What do you think??


  1. They look okay, the question is do they taste as good as they look??

  2. Yes they certainly do! If you want to try them why not call in at Croft 2a and buy a couple to try. :)

  3. Well! The pies are excellent, plenty of filling, only criticism is that the pastry a bit thick at base. Go ahead and sell... will be a regular