Thursday, 26 March 2015

Barn build day thirteen

Front panel going on
Today was going to be the day the floor got finished but the concrete supplier didn't have any spare lorries to deliver it, so they got on with the front panel and doors instead. It will be finished tomorrow and site cleared Monday I have been informed today. So hopefully after nearly 2 years in the waiting I will have a barn to lamb in this year. Hooray!!!!

Todays muck heap challenge

last of the muck out of the shed onto the yard

from the yard on to the heap ready for putting under the potatoes

happy and contented cows in clean shed
Second day for cow shed mucking out!! the second cow shed needed cleaning so had to allow the cows out for a bit of exercise while I got the muck out onto the yard. Then put fresh bedding in and returned them to their pens. They look no the worse for my intrusion into their shed. More blisters and a sore back but much appreciated by the cows especially Dougary he had a great time helping me and checking out the outside world!! his first day out of the shed.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The view from my Kitchen window

More zoomed in photo over Tolsta Head and the Minch to the Mainland Mountains

A panoramic photo of the view over the Minch to the mainland, with its snow capped mountains

Taken from my kitchen window
Another reminder if required to why I chose to move up here!!!!!

Guinea pigs cleaned out

All the cavie cages cleaned out
Also got round to cleaning out the Guinea pigs today after the mucking out of the cows!!! 8 happy and sweet smelling cavies, all lining up and squeaking  awaiting their grass feed!!!!!

Mucking out the calving shed



The removed muck

Had to clean out one of the calving sheds today as Hyacinth isn't to well after calving. She is scouring very badly and we where concerned for the calf. Think the diet is to rich for her now she is inside and calved, so a dry diet of hay and straw only till she dries up.. I lot of muck moved out and some blister to show for it but some much happier cows, So well worth it!!!!

Barn Build day twelve

Concrete being delivered

Front frame work going up

Right hand side concrete floor laid

Left hand side concrete floor laid
Two thirds of the floor has been laid today as well as the frame work for the front panel. Just leaves the front panelling and the middle section of the floor and the barn will be complete.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Barn build days ten and eleven

Day ten was spent laying and levelling the subfloor

All ready for the concrete
right hand side of the roof was this mornings work 

left hand side on after lunch
All that is left to do is put the flashing on, then its time to lay the concrete floor. Then at last the front panel and door will go on and the barn will finally be finished, may be by the weekend!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spot the black sheep!!!!

Any volunteers to help gather my Hebridean sheep

Spot the Hebridean sheep cliff grazing on Tolsta head

A little reminder, why we live here !!!

a view of Tolsta Head from my local beach

the cliff grazing where my sheep will be late in year

Tolsta head from Ghioradail beach

spring must be here
 Kittiwakes pairing up!!!
Took my mum down to the beach to see the very low tide today and it helped reminded us after a rough winter why we chose to live here.

The solar eclipse from my back door

the 98% eclipse we had at about 9.30 this morning

Not the best photos ever (am new to all this) but you can see the 98% solar eclipse we had this morning. 16 years since the last one and 11 years till the next.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Barn build day nine

The back panel

and the gutter all round was done today

The back from outside the barn

the gutter from the back of the barn
Back to rain today but the workmen got on well and finished the back panel and the gutters all round the barn. Have been told the concrete floor will be laid in three parts, now whether that means over three days we will have to see.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

new arrival number two another bull calf

very new arrival bull calf Tolsta Dougary

Broadacres Rosanna and new calf Tolsta Dougary

Barn build day eight

hip, hip, hip hoorah the sun has got its hat on and the barn sides go up, at long last!!!!
its only 15mx10mx4m but it looks very large when you stand inside it now the sides are going on.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Todays work list on my Birthday

To do list
1/ Clean out pigs
2/ Clean out Guinea pigs
3/ Clean out Hen sheds and runs
4/ Clean out Turkey/Duck shed
5/ Feed Cattle
6/ Straw cow sheds
7/ shear house sheep (Widdle)
Pig sty's, Done

Widdle before

Widdle after.
After what I can only say was  not my best attempt at shearing, but it will do the job!!!

Hen sheds all three done with wood shavings, Done


Hen runs done with fresh sand from the local beach (tut tut), Done

Due cows with fresh straw beds, Done

Turkey and Duck shed cleaned and fresh straw down, Done

Calved cow with fresh straw bedding, Done!!!!
Also fed the cattle and cleaned out the Guinea pigs, so job list done. All in the sunshine at last and on my 42 birthday. A good day with the animals!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Barn build day seven

Day seven and all the wood work is done!!!

All there is left to do is the sheeting.
All that is left to do after seven days building is to sheet the barn and concrete the floor. This part is very weather dependent and as per usual the weather is letting me down. 2 days of gale to storm force winds have put paid to any barn work and the I my add the gutter on the back of my house ( more bills) just what I needed.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bull calf named finally as Tolsta Donald

Tolsta Donald

He's looking at you
Gerraquoy Hyacinth with Tolsta Donald

RAIN RAIN and more RAIN !!!!!

From this nice winter scene
to this rather wet scene

 Have never seen it this wet, we have had 36 hours of constant rain.Must of had 6 inches of the wet stuff from the sky. Croft 2a is now a swamp made up of a mix of water and mud. Certainly no grass here!!! glad I'm not lambing yet. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Days five and six on the barn build

Up goes the roof purlins and metal work

Wood purlins go on to the completed metal frame

Days five and six were take up with the roof, day five was metal frame work and day six  the wooden purlins.