Saturday, 14 March 2015

Todays work list on my Birthday

To do list
1/ Clean out pigs
2/ Clean out Guinea pigs
3/ Clean out Hen sheds and runs
4/ Clean out Turkey/Duck shed
5/ Feed Cattle
6/ Straw cow sheds
7/ shear house sheep (Widdle)
Pig sty's, Done

Widdle before

Widdle after.
After what I can only say was  not my best attempt at shearing, but it will do the job!!!

Hen sheds all three done with wood shavings, Done


Hen runs done with fresh sand from the local beach (tut tut), Done

Due cows with fresh straw beds, Done

Turkey and Duck shed cleaned and fresh straw down, Done

Calved cow with fresh straw bedding, Done!!!!
Also fed the cattle and cleaned out the Guinea pigs, so job list done. All in the sunshine at last and on my 42 birthday. A good day with the animals!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. You have had a busy Birthday!!! Widdle looks so different bet she feels better for it!
    Happy Birthday again Mr Crofter!