Thursday, 26 January 2017

Out wintered cattle

We had some sunshine today so I took the chance to check the cattle up on the apportionment. we've got 2 cows Tinga and Poppy, Eric the bull, 2 of last years heifers Erica and Daisy and a bullock Deagan wintering out this year.

Fame at last- we're on the telly!!!!

 We here at Croft 2a have been featured in a friend's TV series about the day to day life on his croft up here on the Isle of Lewis. We had the pleasure of meeting Donald MacSween and selling he some of our pedigree Hebridean sheep.

Here's a link to our 5 mins of fame about 10 mins in!!…/b…/an-lotthe-croft-series-2-episode-5

Pedigree Hebridean fleeces!!!

We have had our first Pedigree Hebridean fleeces processed into sheepskin rugs by Skye Skyne's from the  Isle of Skye, they have done a wonderful job and we are able to off some of them for sale.

They are  all natural shades of brown/black not chemically enhanced. Approximately 3 1/2ft (110cm) x 2ft (69cm) in size. Only ten available, £75 (£62.50 excl. VAT), can post UK wide for £5.00 per skin.

The first proper snow of 2017

Well its been along time but we're getting back into this blogging here at Croft 2a. A lot has changed Gemma and myself  got married in the summer of 2016 and are expecting our first child this spring.

The first proper snow of 2017, taken on the 12/01/17 from the doors of the barn.