Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A pregnant Saddleback sow at last!!!!!

Got a nice surprise last night, I was checking on the old pigs when I noticed one of the sows was looking a little heavy. So this morning checked her out with my new toy and she is pregnant (a surprise because she hasn't littered for nearly two years even though she has lived with the boar) Now have to mend the pig stys that where going to be demolished due too us having no breeding pigs!!!!!!

top knot or no top knot?

That's what you call a top knot. On one of our 4 horned Hebridean ewe lambs. This one's for D A MacLeod I think!!!!

Scots Dumpies with lice!!!!

Had to re-sand the chicken runs today, then noticed that the Scots Dumpies had lice so out with the de-lice spray!!! Didn't seem to affect them much but must feel better.

Not the cleanest job on the croft!!!!

You have to love this life to do some jobs. Trailer needed cleaning after moving the cattle twice!!!

Moving the sheep

On 13/08 we swapped over the rams and ewes with lambs. The grass in the ram field was growing round them so swapped them over to the ewes field and vice versa. Gemma and I walked the rams down and then the ewes with lambs up the road to the field, they all walked easily and caused no fuss!!!The ewes and lambs were enjoying the new grass and hopefully the lambs will keep up the growth rate they have recently been on.

Cattle blood tests

Had the vet over yesterday to do the blood tests on the cattle, even fitted in a pregnancy test on Tinga (14 weeks) confirmed by the student vet that also had a go. Collected Eric and Colla first then extended the pen and herded in the other cattle. Had 7 to test and 4 to ear tag. Vet said all went very smoothly!!!!