Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wandering cows and an unexpected calf!!!!

We've been busy this last few of weeks. 2 new calves, wandering cows and the start of lambing which started with a bang!!! Tolsta Poppy calved on the 01/05/17 in fine sunshine outside on the croft, then last Thursday nite at 10pm we got a call that 4 cows where out on the main road, tried to gather them but it got dark and they got spooked, so went back out Friday morning and with the help of my neighbour got them into a field then into the trailer and home. Tolsta Erica calved on Saturday morning(one of the wandering cow), at only 15 months old we where lucky to have got her in when we did. Both are doing well, two more heifers for the herd.

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