Saturday, 10 January 2015

No early veg this year!!!!!

Ripped the end out of the tunnel after 113mph winds!!!

Lifted and moved the tunnel about 2 feet in the winds as well!!!!

To cheer me up have done my vegetable seed order for the coming growing season:
Runner bean:   Firestorm (French bean cross)
Beetroot:          Albina ice (white) 
                         Chioggia (white and red rings)
Kale:                 Pentland Brigg
Brussel Sprout: Maximus (sweet flavour)
Cabbage:          Caraflex (Pointed,75 day seed to eat)
                         Sunta (Ballhead, 55-60 day seed to eat)
                        Green Rich (Ballhead, 70 day seed to eat)
                         Ruby (Red)
                         Highland (winter, Ballhead)
                         Serve ( Savoy, Ballhead)
Calabrese:        Zen
Carrot:             Norwich
Cucumber:       Armenian Yard Long (White)
                         Crystal Lemon (Yellow, Ball type)
                         Cucamelon (Cucumber/Melon Hybrid)
Leek:               Zermatt (early)
                        Winter Giant
Lettuce:            Consul (Iceberg Type)
Onion:              Kosma (White, seed)
                         Karmen (Red, seed)
                         Cupido (sets, White)
Parsnip:             Duchess
Pea:                  Tommy
Radish:              French Breakfast (Red/White)
                          Beauty (White)
Courgette:          Royal Flush
Butternut Squash: Hunter
Swede:               Gowrie
Turnip:               Tokyo Cross (white)
Tomato:              Matina (Potato Leafed,Red)
                            Vintage Wine (Potato Leafed, Multi-coloured)
                             Brandywine (Potato Leafed, Yellow)
                             Black Sea Man (Multi-coloured Flesh)


  1. What culinary delights will I be able to create with this lot I wonder?!

  2. how big is your veg plot - and i'd love to see your plan - i'm studying organic horticulture and would love to know more about how you grow up there! ade