Friday, 16 January 2015

One heck of a lucky escape for Ruby

Well what a day at 15.40 this afternoon we had a visit from John Angus Campbell to tell me one of my cows had been pushed by Eric the bull into a ten foot deep ditch. On arriving on the seen I managed to turn her round, but the force and temperature of the water made it impossible for her to climb out, so after much pushing and coaxing on my part, with me waist deep in ice cold water, it was decided to call for help. With a huge sigh of relief a man with a digger arrived and we managed to lift her out.A big thank you to Angus MacKay and sons who sent out a digger  and driver. With more help from Jack Cox and Murdo MicIver after my Range Rover refused to start, we got her into a trailer and back home into a well strawed cattle shed at 18.30 in the pitch blackness of a Lewis nite. Hopefully no Pneumonia for either of us!!!!


  1. Oh poor Rudy and poor you I'm sure a wee or should I say LARGE dram of the good stuff should warn you up. Hope no side effects for Rudy and that its ok x

  2. Hope Rudy is OK, yes, a large dram of the good stuff would have warmed us up but the pies and the muffins were excellent, M